Back to the Office: Face-to-Face Communication

Started on May 24, 2022


Many of us have been working virtually during the Covid 19 Pandemic. This has caused a paradigm shift in how we communicate. Many organizations are now having their employees return to the office. Other organizations are providing a hybrid option of working virtually and in person. Whether your organization is solely returning to the office or providing a hybrid option, there will be a need to revisit and improve face-to-face communication skills.

Course Outline:

Anxiety: in-person speaking/presenting

We’ve been in a virtual environment, perhaps for over two years. We now need to revisit our face-to-face communication skills as we return to the office. That might cause us to feel a little anxious. In this exercise, your Senior IG Instructor will provide you with the skills that will enhance your ability to control your nerves, dramatically enhancing your ability to effectively present and/or speak in person.

Team Meetings: Interpersonal Communication

Virtual meetings offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Virtual meetings allow us to connect with our team members and clients across the world without having to travel. However, meeting in person allows us a greater ability to establish and build interpersonal relationships. In this exercise, your Senior IG Instructor will guide you through the process of revisiting and improving your interpersonal communication skills.

Eye Communication

It is critical to utilize sustained eye contact. Often, we fall into a pattern of “scanning” the room. When we scan, we may think that we are making sustained eye contact with our audience when in fact we are not. At the completion of this exercise, you will utilize effective sustained eye contact with each audience member throughout your presentation.

Non-Verbal Communication: Body Language, Gestures, and Facial Animation

In this exercise, you will be introduced to IGs effective virtual non-verbal communication techniques, which will dramatically enhance your non-verbal communication and authentic presence, while delivering an in-person presentation.

Personal Stories

Personal stories help to humanize the speaker, increasing your ability to connect and engage with your audience. A personal story can be emotional. However, it does not need to be emotional to be effective. In this exercise, your Senior IG Instructor will guide you through the process of developing personal stories which have a direct link to your previous, current, and future contributions to your organization.