High-Stakes Presentation Skills

Started on May 24, 2022


Participating in this course will dramatically increase your ability to develop and deliver an effective high-stakes presentation. Utilizing IGs content development tools, you will develop and deliver clear and compelling presentations to key decision-makers, team members, clients, and senior leaders.

Course Outline:


Your audience may become disengaged when they do not fully understand complex topics. In this exercise, utilizing IGs “Storyboard,” you will develop content that clearly explains complex topics, theories, and/or data.

Creating and Presenting Relevant Content: Knowing Your Audience

It is essential to create content that is relevant to your target audience. You must tailor your content to address/solve a critical business issue(s) that is relevant to your target audience. In this exercise, using IGs “Content Analysis” tool, you will analyze and develop content that clearly addresses previous and current business issue(s) which directly impact your target audience.

Presenting to Key Decision-Makers, Team Members, and Senior Leaders – – at the same time.

It can be a daunting challenge to develop and deliver an effective presentation to an audience with participants from various departments across your organization. Utilizing IGs “Multiple Audience Analysis” tool, you will create and deliver a presentation that addresses the various needs of your audience.

Influencing Key Decision-Makers

How can you create and deliver a presentation which dramatically enhances your ability to influence key decision-makers? Utilizing IGs “Persuasion Blueprint,” you will develop content that will do just that, even when you are not a part of the decision-making process.

Non-Verbal Communication: Body Language, Gestures, and Facial Animation.

In this exercise, you will be introduced to IGs non-verbal communication techniques, which will dramatically enhance your non-verbal communication and authentic presence, while delivering a presentation.

Eye Communication

In this exercise, your Senior Instructor will introduce you to IGs “Effective Eye Communication” tool, which will provide you with the skills to utilize sustained and effective eye communication while delivering an in-person presentation.

Responding to Questions

In this exercise, you will be introduced to critical techniques which will enable you to effectively address overtly challenging, passive-aggressive, off-topic, ambiguous, and/or repetitive questions. At the conclusion of this exercise, you will acquire the skills to effectively respond to any question, regardless of the question or person who asked it, without displaying hostility or losing control of the discussion.