One-On-One Coaching

Started on May 24, 2022


Do you want to improve your presentation skills? Are you preparing for a high-stakes presentation? Are you preparing to speak at a large conference? Do you need to improve your communication skills? Do you not want to attend a group session? If so, our one-on-one coaching option might be the right fit for you.

Our one-on-one coaching is customized and designed to meet your personal and professional goals.

Our Process

Step One: We will set up a free, no-obligation assessment. We conduct our assessments virtually (conference call, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

Step Two: A Senior IG Trainer will provide you with a free, no-obligation training plan based on their assessment and your personal goals.

Step Three: A Senior IG Trainer will submit their training plan for your approval or revision.

Step Four: You will make the decision to move forward with your training plan, or not – – it’s up to you. No one will continue to follow up with you should you choose not to move forward.