Overcoming Anxiety While Presenting

Started on May 24, 2022


Do you experience intense anxiety while speaking virtually and/or in person?  It is very common for people to feel some level of anxiety while presenting.  If you experience anxiety while presenting, it doesn’t mean that you’re not prepared, professional, or knowledgeable.  It simply means that you need the skills required to manage your anxiety while presenting.

By participating in this IG course, you will be provided with the skills to dramatically reduce your anxiety while speaking.  Furthermore, you will be provided with reinforcement exercises that will continue the process of diminishing your anxiety, building your confidence in your ability to deliver a great presentation, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Why choose IG?  We do not teach “performance-based” skills.  Our methodologies are based in the science of speech.  Our courses are designed to identify and restructure negative individual patterns of thought which exacerbate self-criticism, self-doubt, and anxiety.  Our Senior Instructors will provide you with clear, obtainable goals, leading to long-term success.

Course Outline:

Do You Ever Feel That You Are Not Able to Deliver a Great Presentation?

Yes, you can!  All you need are the skills to deliver a great presentation.  By participating in this course, you will be provided with the skills required to keep your anxiety at a manageable level while delivering a clear, concise, and compelling presentation.

Showing Us That You’re Nervous

It is not uncommon to “show” your audience that you are nervous.  You may become flushed, begin shaking, etc.  These are natural physical manifestations of feeling anxious.  In this exercise, your Senior IG Instructor will provide you with the skills to not “show” your audience that you are feeling anxious.

Verbal Trigger: using IGs proprietary algorithms

Your Senior IG Instructor will analyze your unique speech pattern, identifying your unique verbal trigger(s). Your verbal trigger(s) will cause you to: go off- tangent, repeat yourself, use non-words (um & uh) excessively, and significantly increase your anxiety while speaking.  By eliminating your verbal trigger though the use of IGs proprietary algorithms, you will significantly diminish your anxiety while speaking.

Responding to Questions

In this exercise, you will be introduced to critical techniques which will enable you to effectively address overtly challenging, passive-aggressive, off-topic, ambiguous, and/or repetitive questions.  At the conclusion of this exercise, you acquire the skills to effectively respond to any question, regardless of the question or person who asked the question, without displaying hostility, or losing control of the discussion.