Presenting to Senior Leaders

Started on May 24, 2022


Our course is specifically designed for those who need to improve their ability to influence Senior Leaders in their organization. By taking this course, you will acquire the skills to effectively create and deliver a clear, concise, and compelling presentation to Senior Leaders.

Course Outline

Story Boarding

IGs “Story Board” is a structured process that allows for the organic development of content for a presentation to senior leaders. In this exercise, you will create content that addresses increasing profitability and productivity, risk, return on investment, long and short-term vision, data integrity, milestones, and accountability.

Elevator Pitch

Using IGs “Executive Briefing Tool,” you will design and deliver a clear and concise elevator pitch that is no longer than two minutes in length.

Explanation of Complex Information

We are likely to fully comprehend complex information if that information is delivered in a clear, concise manner. In this exercise, your Senior IG Instructor will provide you with the skills to effectively deliver complex concepts, data, topics, and theories, translating them into content that is clearly understood, engaging, informative, and memorable.

Articulating Your Contributions

In this exercise, you will develop and deliver content that effectively highlights your contributions to the productivity and profitability of your organization.

Impromptu Speaking

It’s common to repeat yourself, go off on tangents, or become overwhelmed by nerves when you’re asked to speak without sufficient time to prepare. In this exercise, utilizing IGs “Impromptu Response Method,” you will dramatically enhance your ability to quickly formulate and deliver a clear, concise, engaging talk, even when you are not prepared to do so.

Defending Your Data

In this exercise, you will dramatically enhance your ability to effectively respond to questions and/or statements that challenge the accuracy or reliability of your data in a calm, clear, and effective manner.

Reading Your Audience

An accurate “read” of your audience may have nothing to do with audience members’ facial expressions.  How can you get an accurate read of your audience? There are ways to get a true read of your audience.  In this exercise, you will be introduced to IGs “Top Ten Audience Reads,” which are tangible, universal, and accurate.